RTF's Online Training System has moved to its new home. If you have an active or completed online training course, you will have already received an email from RTF with your updated login information. If you can't find that email, please email our support team at course.suppport@restoringthfoundations.org. When you email, please provide your full name and email address so that we can better assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best browser to use with the Online Training Center?  We strongly recommend using either Chrome or Firefox when accessing and taking courses on this site. Safari, due to numerous compatibility issues is not recommended for use with the Online Training Center.

Can I use my tablet to access and take courses in the Online Training Center? Yes you can, but again we recommend you download and use either Chrome or Firefox browser with this site.

Can I use my phone to access and take courses in the Online Training Center? Yes, but you may find the experience a little harder to manage than on your computer or tablet. Again, we recommend using either Chrome or Firefox as your browser for accessing this site.

Help I can't login and the password reset isn't working for me?  The most common login problem we see is when folks use the wrong username. By default our system will assign a user name that is the first part of the email address you enter in when setting up your account, everything before the "@".  If you are experiencing login issues, try using the first part of your email address along with your last known password to login.

How do I get help resetting my password and restoring my login? If you are unsuccessful in logging in or resetting your password, please email your full name, your desired username, and your desired password to mark@restoringthefoundations.org