Hope Healing and Freedom Online Seminar (12)

1 - Issue-Focused Ministry Training


Are you struggling in your life?

Do you wonder why you’re not experiencing the joy and freedom promised?

Are you frustrated that you keep repeating the same destructive patterns over and over again?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this course is for you!

The Hope Healing and Freedom Online Seminar is a two part course that will introduce you to the fundamentals of the Restoring The Foundations Integrated Approach, give you an opportunity to experience a bit of healing and freedom for yourself, and prepare you for Issue-Focused Ministry Training.

In part one of this online seminar, you’ll join Lee and Cindi Whitman as they present the life changing concepts of Restoring the Foundations and give you the chance to experience a taste of healing and freedom for yourself.

Part two is a short reading assignment from the book, Healing and Freedom, that will build upon your experiences in the Hope Healing and Freedom Seminar.

This individual online training course includes the downloadable and printable version of the Hope Healing and Freedom Seminar Workbook as well as online access to the book Healing and Freedom

You have 1 year to complete this course before your access to this course expires. Please plan your course purchase wisely as your course access cannot be extended without paying for it again.

  • Hope Healing and Freedom Online Seminar
  • Online Seminar Downloads & Optional Online Seminar Materials
  • Session One - Introduction to RTF and Forgiveness
  • Session Two - Dealing with Life's Baggage
  • Session Three - Renewing Your Mind
  • Session Four - Healing Life's Hurts
  • Session Five - Experiencing Freedom
  • Reading Assignment - Healing and Freedom
  • Optional Reading Assignment Materials
  • Lesson 1
  • Lesson 2
  • Lesson 3
  • Lesson 4
  • Lesson 5
  • Lesson 6
  • Lesson 7
  • Where Do You go from here
  • Where Do You Go From Here
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed