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1 - Issue-Focused Ministry Training


In this section of training, you will learn about Restoring The Foundations and the Integrated Approach to Ministry that has impacted lives around the world. In addition to learning the fundamentals of this ministry, you will get the opportunity to experience a taste of personal healing and freedom for yourself.

New To RTF? Then Start with...

The Hope Healing and Freedom Online Seminar is a two part course that will introduce you to the fundamentals of the Restoring The Foundations Integrated Approach, give you an opportunity to experience a bit of healing and freedom for yourself, and prepare you for Issue-Focused Ministry Training.

In part one of this online seminar, you’ll join Lee and Cindi Whitman as they present the life changing concepts of Restoring the Foundations and give you the chance to experience a taste of healing and freedom for yourself.

Part two is a short reading assignment from the book, Healing and Freedom, that will build upon your experiences in the Hope Healing and Freedom Seminar.

Already Been To Live Hope Healing and Freedom Seminar? Then Start with…

If you have already attended a live Hope Healing and Freedom seminar and are ready to continue your RTF Ministry Training, then we invite you to take the Issue-Focused Ministry Observation Course. This 13-part course introduces you to the Issue-Focused Ministry format through live ministry observation while preparing you to finalize your training at a live Issue-Focused Training Seminar.

Once You've Completed the Issue-Focused Observation Course, then you are ready to...

Once you have passed the observation course, you will be ready to finish your Issue-Focused Ministry Training by attending a live Issue-Focused Training Seminar at your church, in your region, or at an RTF Training Center.

For a current list of upcoming live training events, please visit: www.RestoringTheFoundations.org/events

Already an RTF Minister then you are ready...

If you're already an RTF Issue-Focused Minister or Thorough Format Minister, we encourage you to register your training with RTF, and to continue your training online with the course Essential Ministry Training. The Essential Ministry Training course builds upon everything you've learned as a Restoring The Foundations Minister in order to prepare you for our Advanced Ministry Training Courses or for Through Format Ministry Training.

If you have questions or need a little help then...

If you have more questions on how to begin your RTF Ministry Training or if you just need a little help navigating the Online Training Center, please send an email to training@restoringthefoundations.org or give us a call at 828-696-9075 ext 708.

Completion rules
  • All units must be completed